Building on Our Progress

Serving my hometown with Mayor Pete has been a great honor, and I’m running for Mayor because we have much more work to do.

I am excited to share my plan for how we are going to build on our progress and keep moving forward. This comprehensive 30-page report lays out my plan to accelerate our economic growth, expand opportunity, strengthen our infrastructure, improve public safety, invest in neighborhoods, and support our education system.

I am especially excited about some of my key initiatives:

  • Ensuring universal access to Pre-K by 2025

  • Rebuilding, repairing, and reimagining our neighborhoods with public spaces, retail stores, walkable and bikable streets, parks and green spaces, and strong communities

  • Lowering barriers to opportunity so that more of our city can share in our growth

This plan will evolve as we continue to bring more voices to the table, hold on-going community conversations, and explore new ideas together. I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas - please email me at

Let’s keep moving South Bend forward!

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Click here to read James Mueller’s plan for South Bend